The ultimate drugs!

Everyone loves drugs , don’t they? Probably not, but at some point in time in everybody’s lives , we do ingest drugs… Why are you making that face?

Okay wait…

So many jokes wasted!

So many jokes wasted!

Let’s make one thing clear.

Drug – a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

So , we aren’t going to talk about average stoners today… We are going to talk about the SUPER STONER!…. He’s called the ‘SUPER SOLDIER’.

Didn’t see that coming did ya!


So , Captain America was injected with the ‘Super soldier’ serum and that turned the young sickly skinny boy into A TOTAL HUNK!


Captain America is strong , fast and as tough as his vibranium shield! He is the epitome of fitness!

But this kind of drugs are only available in science fiction , right?

Well , not quite.

Gene therapy , my friends , is the key to this awesomeness! We can add or remove or alter your genes using a drug.. or more appropriately a virus. Except , a virus just screws with the cells to make more of the virus..kind of like.. well humans, and this modified virus does what we want it to do.

It’s not like this is something that came out with the Captain America movie either though , it was first used to cure a immuno-deficiency disorder called ‘Severe combined immuno-deficiency disorder”

It is characterized by the absence of functional T-lymphocytes,which results in a defective antibody response due to either direct involvement with B lymphocytes or through improper B lymphocyte activation due to non-functional T-helper cells.Consequently, both “arms” (B cells and T cells) of the adaptive immune system are impaired due to a defect in one of several possible genes. SCID is the most severe form of primary immunodeficiencies, and there are now at least nine different known genes in which mutations lead to a form of SCID. It is also known as the bubble boy disease.

So , after that happened , geneticists just went ‘LOL lets see what else we can do’

And , pretty amazing things happened .. we even got Genetically modified food!

And well we had glowing cats too… check this out:

So , soon enough we started to wonder , what if we could alter already healthy individuals and make them like Captain America!


So , they were searching for genes that would activate and make us super buff.. Except they discovered that it is not so much what turns the gene on that will make us buff.. it’s what we turn off.

See our body is what it is today because we have genes that limit the production of other genes. These are called Regulators.




So , one of these regulators regress a protein called Myostatin, or as it is also called ‘The muscle protein’. There was a child who is called ‘Das uberboy’ who is said to be born completely ripped, and there wasn’t even any gym in his mother’s womb. Strange? Not with science. However , this guy’s identity is a secret because well..that is what superheroes do… it’s also what super-villains do but let’s have some faith,shall we?

A scientist from John Hopkins university by the name of Se-Jin Lee, made mice super-muscular using this technique.

Then , geneticists also discovered that by repressing the repressor gene called IL-15r-alpha , we could increase the endurance in mice. The could run about 6 times longer than ordinary mice , and some dudes also found the genes that increase bone density, bone formation etc. A scientist even said they had seen humans who had bones that resemble Bruce Willis’ character in unbreakable! However , there identity is a secret one too.

So , truth be told , the super-soldier serum isn’t entirely fiction. We know what to do and how to do it.. why don’t we do it?

Well , the science is still young and to do so in humans is very difficult than doing so in mice… or that’s what they tell us while making super soldiers in secret. We are not here to debate conspiracies though.


Oh , crap.

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– Rishikesh Jani


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