We humans consider ourselves as the strongest guys on the planet. What if I tell you a bunch of microorganisms are far stronger than us…? Yep, they can defeat us easily, even though you might be hitting the gym every day. These little sons of microbe bitches (hehe) are called EXTREMOPHILES. They are super microbes. You can very well call them the Avengers and the Justice League of microbes :p

So let’s dive into the world of EXTREMOPHILES

It lift’s ,bro.

Now, people, don’t be fooled by their name; no one is an ardent extremity lover (except for that dumb guy whom you constantly see on the Discovery channel :p) Extremophiles have undergone astonishing adaptations through the process of evolution, they are strengthened by Nature to survive her wrath in conditions where geniuses like us eventually pray for ‘one last chance’. (appropriate meme)

Ergo, they can stay alive in extreme surroundings which are, by and large, deemed to be unfit for survival of living beings.

(Just think about it, they can even survive your girlfriend’s periods.)

Okay , I’m really sorry.


So, the extremophiles. No exaggeration meant, but they are everywhere!

Extremophiles are something more than just bacteria. Consider these dudes called thermophiles; they can survive at high temperatures. In fact, they reproduce ONLY at high temperatures. This makes them unique and kinky.

As there are thermophiles, there are many other categories of extremophiles. Shoot.

Acidophiles –

Nope not that kind of acidophiles.



These dudes do not mind acidic conditions. They have a fetish for acids, Lord save this world. Put these little guys into acid and game on. The archeanPicrophilaceae are the most acidophilic organisms known and are capable of growing at even negative pH values.


Anaerobe –

Cute , aren’t they?


These microbes survive without any oxygen. Unlike us, anaerobes CAN live without oxygen (Where is your GOD NOW?) Yup, anaerobes are the guys who can survive in space without wearing those unflattering space suits (Beat that, humans! Heuheuehe.) And they are SOOOOOOOO CUTTTTTTTTTE ….Though no experiments have been performed to confirm this.




Halophiles live in high salt concentration. These dudes basically eat salt. Period. The regions in which they live have fluctuating salinity. Therefore, they need to adapt and be very flexible as the conditions demand. They make the best boyfriends.




Water, as we know, is the medium responsible for birth of life on the earth. Xerophiles are the amazing organisms which are capable of living almost without water!

FUN FACT: These guys hate bathingHence they are found in deserts which haven’t seen rain for decades or ever more.They literally like it dirty.


Piezophiles Pressure increases as we go deeper and deeper into the ocean. Mathematically, the pressure is calculated as ‘h*ρ*g’ (FUCK YOU, MATHS). Human body, beyond a certain limit, cannot balance this external pressure. As a result, the poor being dies after being brutally crushed by Nature or a difficult physics test. Once again the extremophiles laugh at our frailty. These Piezophiles are found over terrestrial, subsurface and oceanic trench. They are rumoured to have 100% success at job interviewes. Such a great ability!



Radio resistant – The problem of ozone depletion and increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation is discussed a lot these days (STOP GLOBAL WARMING. It will give you too much tan). These extremophiles are radio resistant. (Do these people ever stop being awesome, really now.)

Deinococcus radioduran is the leader of them all. This guy can tolerate 20 kGy of gamma radiation up to 1000 joule per sq. metre! (Go “OMG!!” after reading that sentence for greater impact ) No wonder why we chose this muscular guy to decode a complete genome. This guy can repair itself after UV rays destroy it. It is basically the Wolverine, people.

Oligotroph – Oligotrophs are the organisms which live in an environment having limited nutrient supply. This is a fairly wide range of organisms. Oligotrophic lakes are home to oligotrophs. All super models are rumored to be oligotrophs.


Other than these, as we have seen, there are poly extremophiles which belong to two or more such classes. There are some extremophiles which survive in different gravity conditions whereas normal cells behave abnormally. Thus, the world of super microbes is full of mysteries… And studying these super microbes may prove helpful in making whom we could call STAN LEE’S SUPER HUMANS a reality.






Raj Narvekar

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