About Us



Raj Narvekar

The usually shy and reserved Raj compensates for his lack of social skills in his brilliance at physics. An ardent fan of Einstein’s works, he solves two Rubik cubes simultaneously with his eyes closed, for refreshment. Surprisingly, popular among girls.


ajAjinkya Gawali

This tall and dashing Chemistry Sensei was on the one man panel that helped Tony Stark synthesize Vibranium. Known to have completed The Sandbox in record time, is a die hard Pokemon fan. Believed to know the daily diet and anatomies of all Pokemon by heart.


abhiAbhishek Narkar

This Demigod of Photoshop runs the CK network singlehandedly. Rumored to run on a 230V 50Hz AC supply, Abhishek has a huge crush on Siri and is jealous of Jarvis. His favorite quote is “1011101110000”.



cjCharmi Jagwani

Undeniably a valuable member, Charmi is the last descendant of the Disney Princess family. She grew up with a love for transistors and capacitors as toys. Recognized as a sweet person by friends, she may or may not be building a no-noise vaporizing ray gun.


rjRishikesh Jani

Rishikesh has been a subject of secret admiration among girls for his looks, and boys for his smartness. A perfect blend of Sheldon Cooper and Barney Stinson, he can play two guitars simultaneously with his eyes closed



rsRushaabh Saliya

Rushaabh is the ‘offbeat’ member in the squad, what with his immense passion for Psychology. Rumor has it that he took lessons from Freud, in his dreams, when he was a child. Outside of Ck, he’s a calculus student with maddening charm.



  1. Hi, I was pointed at your site by a friend. If you’d like a less-than-25-year-old update on Cyc, let me know. The whole idea of you thinking that facts are a large part of common sense is an even more fundamental error, as is thinking that somehow counting them is important. We try to keep the number of common sense concepts and rules of thumb and generalizations as small as possible, not inflate them for the media, but even so they are in the tens of millions by now.

    • Sir ,we express our apology for any erroneous information in our sources and the details about CYC which we have clearly overlooked. We shall learn from this mistake and strive hard to provide more clear,accurate and up-to-date information in future. We also apologize about the language we used in the post. It was purely an attempt to generate humor, admittedly not a very good one.
      It is very gracious of you to offer us guidance on the project and we are honoured by the fact that you’ve taken the time to contact us. We realize this might be asking too much, but we would be extremely grateful if you could provide us with some guidance for improving ourselves and would also like to know more about the CYC.

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