How to be a millionaire easily – 7 ways.

Hello, everybody.

Are you the person who wants a scenic background rain shower in the backyard of your dream house? Or a four sided Lego wall for full potential for creativity? Or a Batman Tumbler just to beat the rush hour traffic?


If no, then you are not that good with rhetorical questions.

Anyway, obviously all that would be possible if *sighs* if you had a million dollars.Right?.

Well. We just happen to know a way to do that. Yup, you read it right, and we promise this way does not include clicking on ads and taking surveys on social networking  sites.

So, cutting to the chase.

All you gotta do is solve any of these seven problems. Oh and I shit you not, these problem do have million dollar reward over them. Solve any one or maybe you are a wee bit greedy and/or bored solve more.

  1. P vs NP problem
  2. Riemann Hypothesis.
  3. Poincare Conjecture.
  4. Navier-Stokes Equation.
  5. Hodge Conjecture.
  6. Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture.
  7. Yang–Mills and Mass Gap.

Let’s begin by learning what each problem is basically. Cool?

  1. P vs NP problem


I’ll break it down for ya all. It asks “If a solution is easy to check, is it easy to solve? And vice versa“ During the Retro age, computer scientists were finding out faster alternative solutions to various mathematical problems ,well they did succeed somewhat in doing so, but there were some problems like the Travelling Salesman Problem, they just couldn’t find a better albeit faster way to solve such problems. They divided all problems into two teams: P and NP. P problems were the ones that could be solved in reasonable amount of time whereas NP are the problems which can be checked in reasonable amount of time. The whole P vs NP issue is that whether a problem that can be checked (or comprehended or whose solutions can be verified) in reasonable time can be also solved in reasonable time?

*Mind-Blown alert* If this question is answered it will also imply that if one can understand a symphony, he’ll be equivalent to Mozart. (If he can comprehend; he can create).

  1. Riemann Hypothesis

This involves Mathematics. (Alert)

Prime numbers also have the annoying habit of not following any pattern. 3,137 is a prime and the next one after that is not until 3,163, but then 3,167 and 3,169 suddenly appear in quick succession, followed by another gap until 3,187. If you find one prime number, there is no way to tell where the next one is without checking all the numbers as you go.absurd

One possible way to get a handle on how primes are spaced is to calculate, for any number, how many primes there are smaller than it. This is exactly what Riemann did in 1859: he found a formula that would calculate how many primes there are below any given threshold.

So, Riemann had this famous function known as the zeta function.


What this means is zeta function gives you a sum of infinite series.

Suppose you enter s = 2. What zeta function will return is and so on till infinity and beyond….(Beyoncé alert!) actually till infinity only.

People later realised that they can put anything in the zeta function, any goddamn number except 1 and zeta function will return a unique number. This is where it gets interesting by any number I mean ANY NUMBER even complex numbers.

The fun part is at what values will the zeta function return a 0? Eh?

And the Riemann Hypothesis states that all complex numbers whose real part is 0.5 will make the zeta function’s value 0. This hypothesis actually solves the problem of how many primes number are distributed between some limit, which is a topic from a completely different branch of mathematics. So, math nerds …get going.

  1. Poincare Conjecture.

This belongs to a branch called ‘Topology’ which is basically the stream that studies shapes and bending of shapes. In topology, you cannot bend a shape with one hole into a shape with no hole. A coffee cup and a doughnut are transformable into one other because both have one hole hence the joke “Topologists can’t tell the difference between their coffee cup and their doughnut. (N.B I agree it is not funny. What can we do?)


The conjecture says that any shape that is closed and has no holes can be transformed into a sphere. (….wait for it) and this is valid for any higher dimensions too. Easier said than done.

[Sorry to say but a Russian already proved this one aaaaaaaaand he refused the money *like a boss*. It took over 10 days for a group of American mathematicians to actually understand his proof]

  1. Navier-Stokes Equation.

Navier-Stokes Equations are like the pillars of fluid mechanics. A large amount of important works and results in physics as well as engineering are based on Navier-Stokes Equation. It governs the motion of a fluid (liquid or gas). So far so good? Okay, so, where’s the million dollar catch?


Here it is. Turbulence. It is a time dependent chaotic behaviour of fluids which cannot be accounted in the Navier-Stokes equation. The solution of N-S equations of turbulent flow are very difficult or sometimes unstable.

All you gotta do is successfully explain Turbulence in Navier-Stokes equation, and Ka-ching!!

  1. Hodge Conjecture.

In order to get a grip on Hodge’s Conjecture-and claim your million dollars, you should be good at thinking about doughnuts. I promise I’ll stop talking on this the moment it gets too complex.[There is a picture of doughnuts for you,don’t worry]

Ok, here goes. Earlier, there were two groups of people studying two different things, Algebra and Geometry. Algebraists dealt with equations and Geometrists dealt with shapes.

Later, both the parties realised that what if both subjects are the same and can be connected *shockingly gasps* This is why your high school teacher taught you y=mx+c (algebra) is actually line (geometry). So, they teamed up to solve greater problems, save the world, etc. Sometimes, algebra would fail to explain something then geometry would do it for algebra and obviously, vice versa.

*awwww, I so ship them*

Mathematicians didn’t stop at lines and circles they moved on to complicated entities called “shapes” which could be explained using even higher algebraic entities known as “algebraic cycles” If an algebraic cycle was a smooth and nice shape then it was called “manifold”.

Now, they went on looking what happens if you draw “shapes” on “manifold”. Imagine a chocolate triangle drawn over a nice smooth glistening doughnut and another doughnut with a pentagon instead of a triangle. Are they the same? Yes.


The algebraists did something different. They kept on adding new equations to their existing algebraic cycle to produce a new algebraic cycle over existing manifold.

Soon, people realised that what both the guys did were actually the same thing. The difficulty was nobody had any idea how to prove that if you could draw a shape –possibly nasty- on a manifold, then you could stretch it or bend it into a less complicated shape that can be explained by an algebraic cycle.

William Hodge had a great idea, but could never prove it. If you can prove it then prize is yours. Hodge’s conjecture actually uses complex co-ordinates and complex spatial dimensions, and yes as I had promised, this is where I stop.

  1. Birch Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Diophantus. He had a spark for algebra and because of his works in mathematics, he is now known as the Father of Algebra. He had put forth certain problems, known as Diophantine Equations or problems, some of them were solved in the coming ages by heroes such as Fermat and some other mathematicians. The unsolved ones were passed onto generations of future mathematicians.

Precisely, three problems included something known as the elliptical curve which looks like this.

elliptical curve

Now if you know what an ellipse looks like you would probably go “Wtf dude, Ain’t no ellipse in here!”

You are right elliptical curves have nothing to do with ellipses, then why the name? Eh, because they are great deal in elliptical integration which is not our concern right now. So about these elliptical curves which have the equation,images

What’s the big fuss?

Elliptic curve E. The problem is to find all the solutions (x, y) which satisfy the equation from which our E is made. If we call this set of points a family then we are asking to find a way to obtain all families or rather number of families. In mathematics this number of families of solutions is known as rank of an elliptical curve. Rank (E).

For that we have the L-function  who is a close cousin of the Riemann zeta function we saw earlier. But difference is L-function gives us the points on the elliptical curve. Isn’t that what we want? Eh? Happy?

What Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer said was very simple. An elliptical curve has infinitely many solutions if and only if L-function’s value is 0. This has never been proved but has been used in various breakthroughs of mathematics. There. All yours, folks.

  1. Yang-Mills existence and Mass gap.

The fun part of having a gigantic pile of unexplainable stuff is that there is equally large scope for theories to explain it. Choose a topic that you want to explain, start from scratch, make a hypothesis, test it with experiments and VOILA! You have your own theory. And that is what people have been trying to do since centuries about the phenomena of the Universe like dark matter, dark energy, neutrino oscillations or quantum gravity.

Yang-Mills theory is similar to those theories. So, why is it the elephant in the room? Because it claims to explain everything except gravitation. Quantum Electrodynamics (which is a specialised study of how light and matter interact), Strong and Weak Forces, The Standard Model in particle physics (of what everything is made up).

Yang-Mills theory explains everything. Not going into the details, I’ll just say Yang-Mills theory unifies all previous theories and shows that there exist a special type of symmetry (gauge symmetry) between everything.

everything sucks

One theory to rule them all. One theory to explain them all. One theory and I am the Master of the Universe!

Alas, this theory is yet to be proved. The experiments are being carried out, you know, the ones where two nasty particles go bangity bang against each other in that ginormous, underground tunnel in Geneva.



So that’s it, we are done. Seven ways that can make you a millionaire. (Well, technically, six).

If anybody out there reading this actually solves one of these and filles his/her pockets with loads of money, please, please don’t forget us. We would be eternally grateful.


That’s all folks. Stay classy and thank you for stopping by.

-Ajinkya Gawali

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Those behind the ball.

Football or soccer (its technically football. Since we use a foot to kick the ball… damn Americans) as people call it is probably the most popular sport in the world in modern world. It enjoys a worldwide viewer ship of almost 50% of the world population.

Although I think this should be more popular.

Well , today we are going to talk about a topic of this particular sport which is almost ignored by everyone but the connoisseurs .. No… Not Ronaldo vs Messi.

I am talking about manager tactics. Believe it or not.. But even the best players in the world are useless without an able manager at helm. Players are merely pawns. He is the one with controller . Which is why playing Fifa manager mode isn’t met with judgemental accusations about one’s genitalia. According to me a mediocre team with. A mastemind behind can do wonders . But a superstar team with a dumb manager is the worst combination. So lets enter the world of tactics and brain games.

So , we are here to discuss the tactics of famous managers in football. Before going forward lets review some not so far from textbook definitions .

Who are the Managers?

Managers are the people who run a particular team. He is the mentor, coach and in short the soul of the team. A manager is what defines the team.

What is formation?

The formation describes how the players are positioned on the pitch. Formations depend on the game play of the team. Players in the middle areas play in a compact space while players in wide areas play in more advanced or attacking positions. However…  These roles are not necessarily same in each team.  There are teams with players in the defence who come forward to assist there forwards.

Now, let us review some tactics of successful managers.
Sir Alex Ferguson ( Manchester United)

You just know a person is good when he is knighted by the Queen!

Sir Alex Ferguson is considered as one of the greatest and most respected manager in the world of football. He is the most successful manager in the history of football. He prefers playing 4-4-2 formation.

He is quite choosy when it comes to players.. He particularly likes pacy wing backs.SAF is considered one of the greatest mentors that have ever lived… He made many legends..  Cristiano Rolando,  Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, Van Nistelroy , David Beckham and the list goes on and on.   SAF has adapted an attacking style of play for manchester united. He believes in taking advantage of the counter attacks..  His  style has helped Man Utd bag many trophies. He believes in making a player rather than purchasing one. The chewing gum chewing mastermind is short tempered and doesn’t accept anything lse than 100% from his players. He has been seen giving his “Hair dryer ” treatment to many of the superstar players. His outspokeness has many time left him in between controversies.. But when it comes to the art of managing a football team he is a lengend himself..

Jose Mourinho ( Benfica, Fc Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid) 

Jose Mourinho. Or the speacial one as they call him is a plays a style similar to SAF which also includes countering and nullifying the opponents. He prefers playin 4-3-3 formation.

He like daring mid-fielders and defence..  Who can help in attacks.. Mourihno is ruthless manager and wears his emotions on his sleeves… You can often find him fist pumping celebrating with extravaganza.. Jumping into the crowds. José Mourihno has a unique distinction of managing and win championships in different countries.. He holds the record of winning  2 UEFA champions league with 2 different clubs. He is know for his art of managing high profile player. He is not a one team man and changes clubs more often. He has been an excellent manager with his unique skills and has been successful in all the clubs he has managed. Recently called back at Chelsea to change the fortunes of the club.. Has brought e’to has brought back the lost pride of chelsea fc. It is heard that he did wanted to manage Man Utd. After SAF. But SAF refused inspite being close friends.. Cause of Mourihno’s habit of changing clubs.

Pep Guardiola ( Barcelona, Bayern Munich )

Pep Guardiola is also called the the saint. And his name suits his hairstyle quite accurately.Pep Guardiola has his own unique style of play known as Tiki Taka. Now what is tiki taka??? It is a skill of play in which they believe that the best offence is a good defence.

I find you stealing my quotes again , I’m going to cut your tongue off.

The team has a very swift footed and strong forward and midfield which moves crisply with short passes up the field. This is exactly opposite to Jose Mourinho’s counter attacking play. He prefers 4-3-3 formation. A pep Guadiola team takes an average of 70 passes before they score and and a José Mourihno team takes just 7 . He Believes in keeping maximum possession.. much as 90% . His “unorthodox ” techniques have fetched him fabulous results. .He has also been proved great in transfer market and in increasing the revenue of the club. The usual silent pep lets his work do the talking.

Jurgen Klopp ( Borussia Dortmond ) 

Jurgen Klopp emerged as one of the top managers in 2012-2013. Probably many of you haven’t heard his name. He has a famous gegenpressing style of playing. Well.. It includes playing the whole 90 minutes with full pace without slowing down even for a moment. The team suffocates the person with ball and in pressure the player often gives away the possession. He employs a 4-3-2-1 formation.

He emphasizes on passion and attitude. This type of pressing play has proved very effective in Dortmund.He took Dortmund tobthe UEFA champions league final. He is a cool character on and off the pitch and has been responsible for the success of Dortmond. He always sports a track pant and a jacket rather than a suit.
Thank you.

– Shrenik Mehta

The Scribbles Of The Wise – Parte Seconda.

The Scribbles of the wise 2.
Leonardo Da Vinci was not a super villain , but rather ,just a really smart guy born in the wrong century , if you will (Read part 1).
Also , Da vinci actually never attended school

The system sucks.

The system sucks.

He was never officially educated, that gave him immense liberty, to learn on his own. One may agree that the secret to Da Vinci’s secret is his lack of Education. He devised his own way of writing, The MIRROR WRITING, Now what’s this? It’s a way of writing which is only legible if held in front of a mirror, you might even take a pen, a paper and a mirror and try to write your name.
It’s hard isn’t it? …Are you done saying ‘That’s what she said?’ . Good , back to the point , mirror writing is hard okay?….just c’mon….okay? . Leonardo didnt need a mirror or extra practice to achieve that, Why? Because he never went to school 😛

Yes, yes we get it

Da Vinci’s many pages of research, diagram descriptions, geological observations are written in mirror writing. People of the scientific community found it very difficult to comprehend Da Vinci’s work due to this weird writing habit Da Vinci had. You can say , they were all like “A wat te fuke” on his papers at first.

Da Vinci was very young when his father moved into a different city along with him. Since Da vinci was uneducated he was not allowed to become a doctor, or a politician. So his father encouraged him to become an artist.

Hey there , art majors! Hello! What is that in your hand?Is that a gun? wait.. what are you doing? AHHHHHHHH.
Da vinci found his teacher in the nature, he was intrigued by the flow of water, the gushing winds, and the wonder of life. Verrichio noticed the flower paintings drawn by Da Vinci,Verrichio knew this needed a right push. Verrichio then got him into sculpting, Leonardo soon turned into an expert in that field too. It was not long ,when people started knowing Da Vinci more than Verrichio. C’mon I know many of you guys are hearing this name for the first time, that’s my point exactly.
“Sad is the disciple who does not surpass his master”
So, what else does Da Vinci has up his sleeve to impress us other than kill’em-all machines. Leonardo Da Vinci ‘The Magician of Paint’. His paintings are the most visited,most expensive, and also most robbed paintings known to man. Why such a big fuss for this old guy’s paintings.? What exactly makes them such a big deal of art?
Lets visit some of his paintings to answer that questions? Shall we?

1)The Last Supper.
 Last sppr.jpg
                                                  Da Vinci code fans, calm down
Don’t expect me to go Dan Brown on this thing. (Although I’d like to) I am not here to pass my opinions on to you, just going to enlighten you with the  general facts about this picture, and ofcourse provide you with the answer  of “Why is this so famous?”
   Da Vinci painted this painting because his employer (the Duke of Milan) asked him to.The Duke wanted to depict the religious scene of Jesus sitting and hanging around with his Apostles before his crucificaton .The place in the painting where Jesus and his buddies are dining is the Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Leonardo was an expert in human anatomy that allowed him to master human figures in his paintings, No other painting in Da Vinci’s time was as accurate in human figures. The Last Supper is an example of Da Vinci’s ability to recreate acute emotions in paintings, You can see that every single element of the painting directs one’s attention straight to the midpoint of the composition, Christ’s head. It’s arguably the greatest example of one point perspective ever created. How much time did Da Vinci took to complete this painting? Well. 3 years!! This tells us only two things either he was a procrastinator like us all(yay) or he was really onto something about this paintings. There are evidences to back the second option, Da Vinci’s notebook had detailed analysis of every Apostle on the table seperatly, moreover it was found that Da Vinci studied concave mirrors to get the perspective right. He sure was serious.
2) The virgin of the rocks.

One of the most visited painting in the world after Monalisa. The most astounding fact about this painting is that there are two of them. Yes. Da Vinci duplicated his own painting, Why?He was under a contract to paint this scene with the given specifications of the employer, when Da Vinci started the job , he couldn’t resist to say “ Screw It! “ to the specs of the contract, Hence he ended up painting with his own specs, but he had to complete the contract so he painted another one, Not a tough job for Da Vinci. But to duplicate the perfect scenery and figures with no errors is sweaty job even for professionals of today’s century, But No! for all we have learnt he was The Leonardo Da Vinci.
Lastly, How can we blabber so much about Leonardo Da Vinci and not talk about Mona Lisa?

3)The Mona Lisa


 Almost everybody as definitely heard of this name, Most famous lady in the world after Oprah and ‘Yo mama’  The greatest painting known , it is most visited, most expensive, most complicated, most researched and, of course most robbed painting in the world.
The Mother of all paintings. Leonardo’s finest work. But, Why the hell is it so famous? It’s just a painting of woman staring at Da Vinci.Lets answer it . What makes her so famous? I am no profressional painting expert (unlike Dr. Bean), So allow me to point out some major highlights in the paintings that make it so damn precious and famous.
1)Its was one of its kind in the field of portrait paintings when it was painted, this is what other portraits of that times look liked..Poor man's mona lisaIt started an era of 3-D paintings, Leonardo introduced the world to pyramidal aspect in his portraits No other painter in that era had developed that skill, But Leonardo Da Vinci.2)Imaginary landscape: The landscape behind Monalisa in the painting does not exist in real life, The scenery on the left and right does not match each other according to geographic condtions of the terrain around Da Vinci. So How did he manage to paint a inexistent landscape? As mention earlier, Da Vinci was a great admirer of nature, he grew up learning from nature due to lack of proper education. This helped him a lot when it came to painting nature figures.
3)Accuracy of paint: Leonardo had a obsession of painting accurate painting, he used the perfect blends of paints to achieve this. The scarf and her hair are distinctively perfect. Such an accuracy was never seen in any painting before.
– Ajinkya Gawali

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Scribbles Of The Wise : Part 1.

As they say, every era witnesses a birth of a genius..who goes ahead and brings academic troubles to the students for eras to come. There was one guy, whose name became synonymous to word “Genius”.

No no, dear , you are a different kind of genius.

Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci  ,  or commonly known as Da Vinci. If you are one of those people who haven’t heard this guy’s name, then you surely are not a Dan Brown fan or you don’t have a friend who is.
This one is for all the Da Vinci code fans out there, who got a glimpse of Leonardo’s genius.

Well, what if I told you there is more Leo Da vinci than just in the Da vinci code. I guarantee you this guy is so much more than you think he is.

Lets begin.

Leonardo Da Vinci. (1452-1519). Who was he? He was  *takes a long breath*

an Italian painter, sculptor, mathematician, anatomist,cartographer,biologist, engineer, inventor, geologist, architect, zoologist, and astronomer.
I bet that beats Tony Stark . There is a word we use for such people, people who are badasses in numerous fields- Polymath. Da Vinci was a polymath. In simple words- Mr. Know-it-all.

But in his case he actually did know it all.

The guy with the “unquenchable curiosity” and “feverishly inventive imagination”, perfect combo for a headache to school teachers. His biographer Giorgio Vasari wrote :
“The most heavenly gifts seem to be showered on certain human beings. Sometimes supernaturally, marvelously, they all congregate in one individual. . . . This was seen and acknowledged by all men in the case of Leonardo da Vinci, who had. . . an indescribable grace in every effortless act and deed. His talent was so rare that he mastered any subject to which he turned his attention. . . . He might have been a scientist if he had not been so versatile” .

When he died over 33,000 of his pages were left unpublished, passed onto his student Fransesco Melzi, he preserved them with his life but soon he died too and his pages were scattered all over Europe, Some sold to scienctific community unknown of the potential of those pages.Today we have managed to gather his pages back, not the whole lot, just a fraction. Just 6000 pages. What do we know about him through these 6000 pages? We come to know that he was the greatest painter, marvellous inventor and an extra-ordinary genius that man has ever seen. What exactly was in those pages? Well, nothing more than some ‘Scribbles of the wise’.
Ok. Lets enlighten our funny little brains, by knowing what stuff  came out of Leonardo’s  funny little brain.
Some jaw-dropping inventions and works of Da vinci .

The Vitrutian man.

The boy had too much fun working.

This is an example of Da Vinci’s study in proportion, he worked out a way to find proportions in the human body. He thought this as a way to connect the human with nature. All  those people who are trying to read the paragraphs above and below the naked man, I am sorry to tell you, you will be disappointed. Its Mirror writing, ( Da Vinci code fans saw that one coming). Yes, mirror writing, Da Vinci’s way of writing some special articles.
The first paragraph of the upper part reports Vitruvius: “Vetruvio, architect, puts in his work on architecture that the measurements of man are in nature distributed in this manner, that is:
⦁    a palm is four fingers
⦁    a foot is four palms
⦁    a cubit is six palms
⦁    four cubits make a man
⦁    a pace is four cubits
⦁    a man is 24 palms
and these measurements are in his buildings”. The second paragraph reads: “if you open your legs enough that your head is lowered by one-fourteenth of your height and raise your hands enough that your extended fingers touch the line of the top of your head, know that the center of the extended limbs will be the navel, and the space between the legs will be an equilateral triangle”.

The lower section of text gives these proportions:
⦁    the length of the outspread arms is equal to the height of a man
⦁    from the hairline to the bottom of the chin is one-tenth of the height of a man
⦁    from below the chin to the top of the head is one-eighth of the height of a man
⦁    from above the chest to the top of the head is one-sixth of the height of a man
⦁    from above the chest to the hairline is one-seventh of the height of a man.
⦁    the maximum width of the shoulders is a quarter of the height of a man.
⦁    from the breasts to the top of the head is a quarter of the height of a man.
⦁    the foot is one-seventh of the height of a man.
⦁    from below the foot to below the knee is a quarter of the height of a man.
⦁    from below the knee to the root of the penis is a quarter of the height of a man.
⦁    the distances from below the chin to the nose and the eyebrows and the hairline are equal to the ears and to one-third of the face.
Before you get naked and grab a ruler, to just see if this is true,let me tell you there are people for this, and they have already verified it for you, But still if you don’t buy it and you are stubborn as it can get, then just make sure no one catches you, because no one believes it when you say “This is not what it looks like “.

No one’s judging you.

The drawing itself is often used as an implied symbol of the essential symmetry of the human body, and by extension, of the universe as a whole.

The Aerial Screw.

Did you expect two people mid-air? Too bad.

The helicopter you see stuttering in the skies? Well, The aerial screw is its great great great grandfather. The first helicopter was on paper in 1940s . But Mr.Da Vinci had it on his paper almost 5 centuries before.

500 years before man would witness helicopter’s flight, Leonardo had the design ready. It works on the principle of a simple machine (Don’t ‘duh’ me!)  viz. THE ARCHIMEDES SCREW.

A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a fixed axis. The aerial screw’s working is simple, a thin fabric is made in a shape of a screw and the pole is to be rotated by men, As the pole would rotate so would the screw digging through the air in upward direction. Voila!! You are flying!! This gave birth to the idea of helicopter years later. So next time you a one, remember its because of  Da Vinci.

The Diving suit.

Every time you take a dip in the ocean,enjoying all the mesmerizing aquatic beauty. You make Da Vinci smile in his grave. The skinny diving suits you were, is an invention of Da Vinci. He designed a suit to sustain the pressure in deep waters but still maintaining survivable conditions inside the suit. Lets be honest he, he did not design this suit to play with the fishes or hang around with the corals. The main objective of the suit was to enable soldiers to go under water and sabotage enemy ships. Minimum Armed forces yet Maximum damage. That’s why you must always have Da Vinci on your side.
The super-scythed chariot.

The most gore killing machine ever invented, The picture says it all. Leonardo worked under many kings as an engineer, King Francaisco-I  ordered him to find a way to defeat an  enemy with a humungous amount of cavalry..

Aaaaand Da vinci was ready with the design.

A chariot with slicing blades at the front. Every goddamn thing in that chariot’s way was sliced off, armies chopped off within hours. Not much left for me  to say, just leaving that to you to imagine.( God of War fans won’t find that difficult *fist bump*)
Armored Car.

We aren’t making these up,I promise.

Lets face it, Leonardo had a way of making people say “What in the name of Christ is that???”.

Before enemy soldiers would even understand what that thing was, it had already done its job.

Well. To the point now, Da Vinci got this design after thorough analysis of the anatomy of a turtle.This enabled the army to do maximum damage, with hardly suffering any.  It has sturdy shell on the outside gun barrels on the edges, and a hollow on the inside where you sit and yell “ TAKE THAT, SUCKERS!! “

[P.S The cluster bomb, The parachute, Ultimate fortress, 33 barralled gun. Tri-canon are also Da Vinci’s Inventions.*pfft* They called him the Renaissance Man for god’s sake ]

Alrighty people. So before you  go ahead and conclude away that Da Vinci is a lot more of a Darth Vader-y  person, lets learn the whole picture. I can understand why some of you might be thinking Da Vinci as The Dr.Evil from the movies. I assure you there is more to him than just a guy making spy suits,classy helicopters, and chop-a-lot vehicles. Well, no harm in saying, Leonardo Da Vinci built killing machines before it was cool.

Tony Stark probably wishes he had accepted the ‘DaVinci of our time ‘ nickname ,dont you?


But Tony, You don’t paint.

– Ajinkya Gawali