Those behind the ball.

Football or soccer (its technically football. Since we use a foot to kick the ball… damn Americans) as people call it is probably the most popular sport in the world in modern world. It enjoys a worldwide viewer ship of almost 50% of the world population.

Although I think this should be more popular.

Well , today we are going to talk about a topic of this particular sport which is almost ignored by everyone but the connoisseurs .. No… Not Ronaldo vs Messi.

I am talking about manager tactics. Believe it or not.. But even the best players in the world are useless without an able manager at helm. Players are merely pawns. He is the one with controller . Which is why playing Fifa manager mode isn’t met with judgemental accusations about one’s genitalia. According to me a mediocre team with. A mastemind behind can do wonders . But a superstar team with a dumb manager is the worst combination. So lets enter the world of tactics and brain games.

So , we are here to discuss the tactics of famous managers in football. Before going forward lets review some not so far from textbook definitions .

Who are the Managers?

Managers are the people who run a particular team. He is the mentor, coach and in short the soul of the team. A manager is what defines the team.

What is formation?

The formation describes how the players are positioned on the pitch. Formations depend on the game play of the team. Players in the middle areas play in a compact space while players in wide areas play in more advanced or attacking positions. However…  These roles are not necessarily same in each team.  There are teams with players in the defence who come forward to assist there forwards.

Now, let us review some tactics of successful managers.
Sir Alex Ferguson ( Manchester United)

You just know a person is good when he is knighted by the Queen!

Sir Alex Ferguson is considered as one of the greatest and most respected manager in the world of football. He is the most successful manager in the history of football. He prefers playing 4-4-2 formation.

He is quite choosy when it comes to players.. He particularly likes pacy wing backs.SAF is considered one of the greatest mentors that have ever lived… He made many legends..  Cristiano Rolando,  Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, Van Nistelroy , David Beckham and the list goes on and on.   SAF has adapted an attacking style of play for manchester united. He believes in taking advantage of the counter attacks..  His  style has helped Man Utd bag many trophies. He believes in making a player rather than purchasing one. The chewing gum chewing mastermind is short tempered and doesn’t accept anything lse than 100% from his players. He has been seen giving his “Hair dryer ” treatment to many of the superstar players. His outspokeness has many time left him in between controversies.. But when it comes to the art of managing a football team he is a lengend himself..

Jose Mourinho ( Benfica, Fc Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid) 

Jose Mourinho. Or the speacial one as they call him is a plays a style similar to SAF which also includes countering and nullifying the opponents. He prefers playin 4-3-3 formation.

He like daring mid-fielders and defence..  Who can help in attacks.. Mourihno is ruthless manager and wears his emotions on his sleeves… You can often find him fist pumping celebrating with extravaganza.. Jumping into the crowds. José Mourihno has a unique distinction of managing and win championships in different countries.. He holds the record of winning  2 UEFA champions league with 2 different clubs. He is know for his art of managing high profile player. He is not a one team man and changes clubs more often. He has been an excellent manager with his unique skills and has been successful in all the clubs he has managed. Recently called back at Chelsea to change the fortunes of the club.. Has brought e’to has brought back the lost pride of chelsea fc. It is heard that he did wanted to manage Man Utd. After SAF. But SAF refused inspite being close friends.. Cause of Mourihno’s habit of changing clubs.

Pep Guardiola ( Barcelona, Bayern Munich )

Pep Guardiola is also called the the saint. And his name suits his hairstyle quite accurately.Pep Guardiola has his own unique style of play known as Tiki Taka. Now what is tiki taka??? It is a skill of play in which they believe that the best offence is a good defence.

I find you stealing my quotes again , I’m going to cut your tongue off.

The team has a very swift footed and strong forward and midfield which moves crisply with short passes up the field. This is exactly opposite to Jose Mourinho’s counter attacking play. He prefers 4-3-3 formation. A pep Guadiola team takes an average of 70 passes before they score and and a José Mourihno team takes just 7 . He Believes in keeping maximum possession.. much as 90% . His “unorthodox ” techniques have fetched him fabulous results. .He has also been proved great in transfer market and in increasing the revenue of the club. The usual silent pep lets his work do the talking.

Jurgen Klopp ( Borussia Dortmond ) 

Jurgen Klopp emerged as one of the top managers in 2012-2013. Probably many of you haven’t heard his name. He has a famous gegenpressing style of playing. Well.. It includes playing the whole 90 minutes with full pace without slowing down even for a moment. The team suffocates the person with ball and in pressure the player often gives away the possession. He employs a 4-3-2-1 formation.

He emphasizes on passion and attitude. This type of pressing play has proved very effective in Dortmund.He took Dortmund tobthe UEFA champions league final. He is a cool character on and off the pitch and has been responsible for the success of Dortmond. He always sports a track pant and a jacket rather than a suit.
Thank you.

– Shrenik Mehta