The Scribbles Of The Wise – Parte Seconda.

The Scribbles of the wise 2.
Leonardo Da Vinci was not a super villain , but rather ,just a really smart guy born in the wrong century , if you will (Read part 1).
Also , Da vinci actually never attended school

The system sucks.

The system sucks.

He was never officially educated, that gave him immense liberty, to learn on his own. One may agree that the secret to Da Vinci’s secret is his lack of Education. He devised his own way of writing, The MIRROR WRITING, Now what’s this? It’s a way of writing which is only legible if held in front of a mirror, you might even take a pen, a paper and a mirror and try to write your name.
It’s hard isn’t it? …Are you done saying ‘That’s what she said?’ . Good , back to the point , mirror writing is hard okay?….just c’mon….okay? . Leonardo didnt need a mirror or extra practice to achieve that, Why? Because he never went to school 😛

Yes, yes we get it

Da Vinci’s many pages of research, diagram descriptions, geological observations are written in mirror writing. People of the scientific community found it very difficult to comprehend Da Vinci’s work due to this weird writing habit Da Vinci had. You can say , they were all like “A wat te fuke” on his papers at first.

Da Vinci was very young when his father moved into a different city along with him. Since Da vinci was uneducated he was not allowed to become a doctor, or a politician. So his father encouraged him to become an artist.

Hey there , art majors! Hello! What is that in your hand?Is that a gun? wait.. what are you doing? AHHHHHHHH.
Da vinci found his teacher in the nature, he was intrigued by the flow of water, the gushing winds, and the wonder of life. Verrichio noticed the flower paintings drawn by Da Vinci,Verrichio knew this needed a right push. Verrichio then got him into sculpting, Leonardo soon turned into an expert in that field too. It was not long ,when people started knowing Da Vinci more than Verrichio. C’mon I know many of you guys are hearing this name for the first time, that’s my point exactly.
“Sad is the disciple who does not surpass his master”
So, what else does Da Vinci has up his sleeve to impress us other than kill’em-all machines. Leonardo Da Vinci ‘The Magician of Paint’. His paintings are the most visited,most expensive, and also most robbed paintings known to man. Why such a big fuss for this old guy’s paintings.? What exactly makes them such a big deal of art?
Lets visit some of his paintings to answer that questions? Shall we?

1)The Last Supper.
 Last sppr.jpg
                                                  Da Vinci code fans, calm down
Don’t expect me to go Dan Brown on this thing. (Although I’d like to) I am not here to pass my opinions on to you, just going to enlighten you with the  general facts about this picture, and ofcourse provide you with the answer  of “Why is this so famous?”
   Da Vinci painted this painting because his employer (the Duke of Milan) asked him to.The Duke wanted to depict the religious scene of Jesus sitting and hanging around with his Apostles before his crucificaton .The place in the painting where Jesus and his buddies are dining is the Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Leonardo was an expert in human anatomy that allowed him to master human figures in his paintings, No other painting in Da Vinci’s time was as accurate in human figures. The Last Supper is an example of Da Vinci’s ability to recreate acute emotions in paintings, You can see that every single element of the painting directs one’s attention straight to the midpoint of the composition, Christ’s head. It’s arguably the greatest example of one point perspective ever created. How much time did Da Vinci took to complete this painting? Well. 3 years!! This tells us only two things either he was a procrastinator like us all(yay) or he was really onto something about this paintings. There are evidences to back the second option, Da Vinci’s notebook had detailed analysis of every Apostle on the table seperatly, moreover it was found that Da Vinci studied concave mirrors to get the perspective right. He sure was serious.
2) The virgin of the rocks.

One of the most visited painting in the world after Monalisa. The most astounding fact about this painting is that there are two of them. Yes. Da Vinci duplicated his own painting, Why?He was under a contract to paint this scene with the given specifications of the employer, when Da Vinci started the job , he couldn’t resist to say “ Screw It! “ to the specs of the contract, Hence he ended up painting with his own specs, but he had to complete the contract so he painted another one, Not a tough job for Da Vinci. But to duplicate the perfect scenery and figures with no errors is sweaty job even for professionals of today’s century, But No! for all we have learnt he was The Leonardo Da Vinci.
Lastly, How can we blabber so much about Leonardo Da Vinci and not talk about Mona Lisa?

3)The Mona Lisa


 Almost everybody as definitely heard of this name, Most famous lady in the world after Oprah and ‘Yo mama’  The greatest painting known , it is most visited, most expensive, most complicated, most researched and, of course most robbed painting in the world.
The Mother of all paintings. Leonardo’s finest work. But, Why the hell is it so famous? It’s just a painting of woman staring at Da Vinci.Lets answer it . What makes her so famous? I am no profressional painting expert (unlike Dr. Bean), So allow me to point out some major highlights in the paintings that make it so damn precious and famous.
1)Its was one of its kind in the field of portrait paintings when it was painted, this is what other portraits of that times look liked..Poor man's mona lisaIt started an era of 3-D paintings, Leonardo introduced the world to pyramidal aspect in his portraits No other painter in that era had developed that skill, But Leonardo Da Vinci.2)Imaginary landscape: The landscape behind Monalisa in the painting does not exist in real life, The scenery on the left and right does not match each other according to geographic condtions of the terrain around Da Vinci. So How did he manage to paint a inexistent landscape? As mention earlier, Da Vinci was a great admirer of nature, he grew up learning from nature due to lack of proper education. This helped him a lot when it came to painting nature figures.
3)Accuracy of paint: Leonardo had a obsession of painting accurate painting, he used the perfect blends of paints to achieve this. The scarf and her hair are distinctively perfect. Such an accuracy was never seen in any painting before.
– Ajinkya Gawali

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